Thin Line Between Freedom and Ignorance
By Mark 'Goose' Mahler
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Millions of Americans were torn apart by the tragedies that we suffered as a nation. Strike that last sentence! Lance Storm said it better "This was an attack on the World!" Steph my dear, your dad was not brought to trial on the world, he was brought to trial because a doctor he had on staff was prescribing illegal steroids to wrestlers. Where do you see the comparison to the planes crashing and taking thousands of lives in the process? Please if anyone can answer this I'll never write a column again. I'll take the form of censorship that I doubt I could handle, but wait…Someone in the WWF agreed with me, unfortunately a little too late.

Excess the worlds most boring show, had a replay of the SmackDown that saw Lilian Garcia burst into tears while nailing the National Anthem's every word. They replayed Y2J telling people he would rather be helping in New York. They also replayed all the wrestling action that took place. Something they left out? Stephanie and her shoot about America almost tearing her family apart. Good move guys just a little too damn late. Steph helped turn one of the better tribute shows into a joke that allowed all the critics that Bradshaw told to, "Go to Hell!" a chance to rip the WWF apart. All because she didn't think. Much like she didn't think about the Rock dropping the word Mother Fucker on Raw. Much like she allowed Jericho to say the word Whore on Raw.

See I'm all for stating opinions and defending your opinions. I'm all for the freedom of speech that allows me to write my columns, go to posting boards and be myself. I'm all for taking a line said and making a mockery of it. What I'm against is the fact that Steph had the chance to say something important and make a strong statement about the WWF to the critics and she blew it. Much like she blew the captain of the football team, the captain of the soccer team, the foreign exchange student Olaf, etc. She is a very immature young lady that the WWF puts a ton of confidence in to make the right decision and represent the WWF in a professional manner. She has yet to prove that she can handle such a task in my eyes.

See I'm all for what she said about America sticking together and getting through this travesty together. I'm all for staying united with all my country mates and allies. What I could care two shit less about is Vince facing trial a few years ago and not getting a jail sentence, because he was never found guilty. See I don't give a shit about that. I know that Stephanie does, but was this the right forum to say it on? The country was grieving and looking for a few hours to get away from everything it had took in the last couple days. But Steph fucked that up by being a selfish little girl, with no true feelings about what the country really just endured.

See the freedom of speech that I enjoy ripping certain wrestlers, or making comparisons between wrestlers and cartoon characters is something that I'm sure someone out there reading hates. The freedom of speech that has allowed people to email me and tell me to go to hell too. The freedom of speech that also used the wrong way can make one look like a stupid little moron. Or the freedom of speech that helped make the WWF look like idiots that were looking for nothing more than ratings.

Steph darling, I want you to look at a copy of the tape that you cut the interview on and he is something I want you to do with it. "Shine it up real…nice. Keep shining. Take that sum bitch, turn it sideways, and STICK STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!" Its people like you that don't know how to represent your company that makes views piss on the WWF and steer clear of it. Think before you go and say something the way you did Thursday Night. It might actually bring the viewers back to the WWF and not stay away. But then again, I'm might stay away because if you really think that you parents and being on trial compares to the loss of life…then sweetheart you can go to hell too!
Don't throw Fuel on this Patriotic Fire!

Thanks for reading,

Mark 'Goose' Mahler
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